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New Dimensions in Health  Michael Brook was a state trampoline champion, a member of the Great American High Dive Team and the premier skier on the professional freestyle circuit in the aerial acrobatic event. As an athlete he had first hand experience of the role thought, emotion, imagination and visualization play in enhancing physical performance. This experience led him into the field of holistic health to investigate the mind/body connection. Michael is trained in Lymphology, Psychological Kinesiology, Integrated Healing Dynamics, Electro-dermal screening and is a licensed massage therapist.

Over the years he witnessed many remarkable healings when people responded to alternative therapies after the traditional approach of drugs and surgery failed. Given the effectiveness and lower cost he wondered why insurance companies didn’t include alternative medicine. Considering the health care crisis and ever increasing costs it was clear that alternative therapies could have a dramatic effect on controlling costs. Although his primary love was holistic health Michael moved into the insurance industry to find ways to integrate preventative oriented, holistic health strategies to control health care costs.

Any exploration of holistic health must include the spiritual dimension (this may or may not include religion) of ones life. Michael’s path has been rich and varied but always the search for the golden thread of truth that pervades the worlds spiritual traditions and religions. This pursuit of truth regardless of the form it takes has been a central theme and motivating force of Michael’s life. Spiritual truths can be integrated into every aspect of one’s life. In fact they must if one is going to experience high levels of heath, wholeness and fulfillment. Spiritual living doesn’t necessarily need to have any religious trappings.

Mr. Brook was the founder of the Positive Air Team, a group of professional athletes who presented the message of “High Performance Living” to over a million students, staff and parents across the western U.S. In addition Michael has presented his high performance living and wellness message to numerous business and professional organizations.

Michael is the author of New Dimensions in Health, Creating Wellness, Making the Shift and, was a Complete Wellness Systems Health Coach. He presents programs and training to help people move into a new dimension of health on all levels.

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