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John Saville, Interactive Health Technologies

IHT, Interactive Health Technologies
Vice President
Austin, TX

John brings his seasoned and accomplished sales and managerial experience to IHT with the overall responsibility for directing our national sales efforts, as well as overseeing our international growth, best practices and customer service levels company-wide.  His impact in the physical education industry over the past 22 years is far reaching and unparalleled.  John first established himself as a leader in the profession as Director of Sales for HealthFirst in January 1994.  Over 8 years he led the sales team in the development of key markets – Fitness and Education – from startup to the acquisition by Polar Electro, a multinational company.  With that merger, John joined Polar’s sales team as Regional Sales Manager.  Due to his incredible success, he quickly moved into roles which included National Sales Manager, US Director of Business to Business Sales, and International Sales Director.  Along with managing growth, emerging market opportunities and forging strong relationships with school districts, teachers and educational leaders, nationally and abroad, he exceeded sales goals in the education market and led the business to business division to its largest growth in company history. In addition, John contributed to the development of key technology concepts that helped drive the market, winning the 2002 “Above and Beyond Award” for surpassing sales quotas and contributing to the development of the market segment.For the several years, John has served as a consultant for multiple US and Canadian fitness manufacturers and services providers, enhancing their efforts in business development, market analysis, marketing concept development and sales process development.

John is originally from Ontario, Canada where he attended The University of Waterloo and graduated with BSC in Kinesiology.  He currently lives in the San Francisco Bay area with his wife Kathy Dee.

Email John at john@ihtusa.com or call 717-598-6420